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Connoisseurs of Tea

Our teas are carefully selected and sourced from small, exclusive farms with a long history in Japan's best tea regions.  In most cases, these teas are not even widely available for sale in Japan, typically consumed within the tea growing regions.


We are pleased to make these special teas available to our wholesale clientele to share with tea connoisseurs around the world.

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Shizuoka Sencha Grade 1
Shizuoka Sencha Grade 3
Yame Sencha Grade 1
Yame Sencha Grade 3
Uji Sencha Premium
Premium Miyazaki Sencha
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Miyazaki Sencha Grade 4
Tenryu Sencha Special
Gifu Organic Artisan Sencha
Fukamushi Sencha Nissaka
Fukamushi Sencha Tenjo
Fukamushi Sencha Kikugawa
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Fukamushi Sencha Grade 2
Fukamushi Sencha Grade 3
Sencha Shizu 7132
Aged Sencha
Fukuoka Zarai
Sakimidori Sencha
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Asanoka Sencha
Tsuyuhikari Sencha
Okumidori Sencha Shirakawa
Saemidori Sencha Premium
Organic Saemidori Sencha
Purple Sencha currently not availabl
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Kukicha Supreme
Gyokuro Karigane
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Premium Geinmacha
Organic Matcha Genmaicha
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Genmai Hojicha
Organic Hojicha
Organic Flowery Hojicha
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Tama Ryoku Cha
Mushi Tama Ryoku Cha
Organic Artisan Kamairi Cha
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Mie Imperial Kabusecha
Mie Premium Kabusecha
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Uji Gyokuro Premium
Gyokuro Goko
Yame Gyokuro Imperial
Yame Gyokuro Grade 1
Yame Gyokuro Grade 2
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Organic Matcha Premium
Uji Matcha Celestial
Uji Matcha Imperial
Uji Matcha Supreme
Uji Matcha
Matcha Kyoto
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Special Varieties
Black Tea Shizuoka
Organic Black Tea Yamanami
Organic Oolong Black Tea 1st Flush
Organic Oolong Black 2nd Flush
currently not available
Organic Dark Japanese Puer
Organic White Tea 1st Flush
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Currently not available
Japanese White Tea Leaf Kiraka
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