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Organic Artisan Kamairi Cha 

Organic Artisan Kamairi Cha

Our certified organic Kamairi is a pan fired version of Tama Ryoku Cha from Miyazaki prefectures,

and has a rich toasted flavor. 

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Miyazaki Region

Our teas are available for purchase exclusively to wholesale clients.
If you are a retail consumer, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a list of where you can purchase our teas.
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About Tama Ryoku Cha Variety

The literal translation for "Tama (Ryoku) Cha" is "Round (Green) Tea". The leaves retain their round shape because the step when making Sencha, "Seiju”, which is to roll leaves into a needle like shape is omitted. There are pan fired and steamed versions of Tama (Ryoku) Cha. Our Steamed Tama (Ryoku) Cha with a light, refreshing and toasted flavor is from Kagoshima. Our Kama Iri (pan fired) Tama (Ryoku) Cha with a rich toasted flavor is from Shizuoka and is certified organic.

Steeping Instructions
Water: 195 F                                   Tea: 3g per cup (6-8 ounces of water) Infusion: 1 - 1.5 minutes

1.  Boil freshly drawn water and let it cool down to the appropriate temperature.

2.  Put tea leaves into the pot, use 3 to 3.5 g (5 g for Gyokuro) for each cup.

3.  Pour water into the pot and allow the indicated time for proper infusion.

4. The tea should be completely poured out into warmed cups at each infusion, leaving no liquid in the pot. 

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