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Uji Matcha Imperial

Uji Maccha Imperial Japanese Tea

This Matcha is made using young leaves, which are hand picked from the first flush harvest. This is the highest grade of Usu-cha (thin tea) that we carry and is perfect for receiving special guests at the tea ceremony. As the name suggests this Matcha is from Uji, on the outskirts of the ancient capital Kyoto, where Matcha has been manufactured for over 800 years.

Map of Japan's Tea Regions

Uji, Kyoto Region

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About Maccha Variety

Maccha is powdered green tea traditionally used for the Japanese tea ceremony. Using the leaves from tea bushes grown in the shade just like Gyokuro, the tea is very finely grounded by special stone mills. Lighter green Maccha is considered better quality and is sweeter. Darker green Maccha tends to be a little bitter. Maccha is often used for flavoring sweets.

Steeping Instructions
Water: 203 F                                  
Tea: 2g per cup (2 ounces of water)

Put Matcha in a bowl. Then add 1 tablespoon of hot water to make a paste. Then add the remainder of water and whisk it until small bubbles appear.

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