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Yame Gyokuro Imperial Select


This tea is made from bushes which are covered over 16 days with traditional straw mats to block the sun, which is considered to be the most ideal material to produce the best Gyokuro. Yame Gyokuro Imperial Select is made using the yongest leaves of  Saemidori, Saeakari, Kirari 31 and Yabukita bushes. The sweet, rich flavor of Yame Gyokuoro Imperial lingers in your mouth almost 30 minutes after taking a sip. Yame Gyokuro Imperial Select is from Yame, a region in the Southern island of Kyushu renowned for its high quality, produced by a master artisan. 

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                 Yame, Fukuoka

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About Sencha Variety

Sencha, the most commonly drunk green tea in Japan was first produced in Uji (the outskirts of Kyoto) in the 18th Century and is now produced in many parts of the country. First flush tea, harvested from late April through mid-May, is considered the best of its kind. Sencha has the perfect balance of briskness and sweetness. 

Steeping Instructions
Water: 120F  - 140F                             Tea: 3g - 5g per cup (3-5 ounces of water)
Infusion: 2minutes

1.  Boil freshly drawn water and let it cool down to the appropriate temperature.
2.  Put tea leaves into the pot, use 3 to 3.5 g (5 g for Gyokuro) for each cup.
3.  Pour water into the pot and allow the indicated time for proper infusion.
4. The tea should be completely poured out into warmed cups at each infusion, leaving no liquid in the pot. 

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