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Yame Gyokuro Imperial

Yame Gyokuro Imperial


This tea is made from bushes which are covered over 16 days with traditional straw mats to block the sun, which is considered to be the most ideal material to produce the best Gyokuro. The sweet, rich flavor of Yame Gyokuoro Imperial lingers in your mouth almost 30 minutes after taking a sip. Yame Gyokuro Imperial is from Yame, a region in the Southern island of Kyushu renowned for its high quality.

  • About Gyokuro Variety

    Gyokuro is made only from the youngest leaves of the first flush. Tea bushes for Gyokuro are covered with mats made of straw "yoshizu" or some other material, blocking the direct sun in early April (about 20 days before the first harvest). This prevents a type of amino acid in the leaves from changing into more bitter catechin. Gyokuro is slightly sweet and extremely flavorful, and is the most exquisite tea of all Japanese teas. 

  • Returns & Shipping Policy

    We do not accept returns unless there is a problem with the received product (ex: damaged in shipment, wrong item).


    All shipments are sent via UPS Ground, unless otherwise instructed. For larger shipments of 10 cases / 250 kg, we will arrange the shipment directly to you from Japan.

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