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Organic Japanese Dark (Pu Er) Tea

Organic Japanese Dark (Pu Er) Tea


This tea is made with leaves from a combination of first and second flush harvests. In a controlled environment, organic brown rice yeast is added artificially to the pan-fried leaves for fermentation for a period of 4 to 5 days. A small amount of fresh leaves are then added for another two days of oxidization.  As only one type of culture (brown rice yeast) is added to the tea, it retains some caatechins, unlike traditional Pu-Er, which is aged in a natural environment. Its pleasant and slightly spicy taste is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. This Japanese Pu-Er is from Shizuoka prefecture.

  • About Black Tea Variety

    Before World War II, Japan produced black tea for export but the market virtually disappeared from the late 1950s until recently. Our Japanese black tea from Shizuoka is a blend of leaves from two or three types of Japanese tea bushes and is withered up to 52 hours to bring out the sweetness and the beautiful red color.

  • Returns & Shipping Policy

    We do not accept returns unless there is a problem with the received product (ex: damaged in shipment, wrong item).


    All shipments are sent via UPS Ground, unless otherwise instructed. For larger shipments of 10 cases / 250 kg, we will arrange the shipment directly to you from Japan.

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