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Organic Flowery Hojicha

Organic Flowery Hojicha


Hojicha is roasted Sencha or Bancha. Roasting reduces bitterness and creates a light, smooth taste and a toasted aroma. As roasting also reduces the caffeine content, Hojicha is often drunk at night in Japan. Our certified Organic Hojicha comes from Shizuoka. 

  • About Hojicha Variety

    Hojicha is roasted Sencha or Bancha (coarse tea). Roasting reduces bitterness and creates a light and smooth taste with a toasted aroma. By varying the leaves used and the roasting temperature, the aroma and the taste can be adjusted to create more different varieties of Hojicha. After harvesting, the leaves are stored at room temperature for one to two years to enhance the flavor before they are made into Hojicha. 

  • Returns & Shipping Policy

    We do not accept returns unless there is a problem with the received product (ex: damaged in shipment, wrong item).


    All shipments are sent via UPS Ground, unless otherwise instructed. For larger shipments of 10 cases / 250 kg, we will arrange the shipment directly to you from Japan.

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