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Organic Oolong Black Tea (2nd Flush)

Organic Oolong Black Tea 2nd Flush Japanese Tea

Organic Oolong black tea is from Miyazaki prefecture. This artisan manufacturer purposely stops oxidization of this tea a touch before it fully becomes black tea. As a result this black tea has a wonderful flowery Oolong like taste. 

Map of Japan's Tea Regions

Miyazaki Region

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About Black Tea Variety

Before World War II, Japan produced black tea for export but the market virtually disappeared from the late 1950s until recently. Our Japanese black tea from Shizuoka is a blend of leaves from two or three types of Japanese tea bushes and is withered up to 52 hours to bring out the sweetness and the beautiful red color.

Steeping Instructions
Water: 195 F - boiling                                 
Tea: 2-3g per cup (6-8 ounces of water)
Infusion: 3-5 minutes

1.  Boil freshly drawn water and let it cool down to the appropriate temperature.

2.  Put tea leaves into the pot, use 3 to 3.5 g (5 g for Gyokuro) for each cup.

3.  Pour water into the pot and allow the indicated time for proper infusion.

4. The tea should be completely poured out into warmed cups at each infusion, leaving no liquid in the pot. 

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